Dental Floss vs “C” Shaped Picks

Dental Floss vs "C" Flossers

The moment you switch from regular dental floss to "C" flossers you notice an immediate improvement in the comfort and speed that your floss travels around your mouth. You are able to "clean" in between your teeth in way less time than with dental floss....but are you really cleaning your teeth.

Did you know that your teeth have 5 sides?

  • The top, (the side you chew on)
  • The Front
  • The Back
  • The Cheek Side
  • The Tongue Side

When you brush, your toothbrush only reaches 3 of those sides, the front, back, and top. This fact is very important for determining which flossing technique is effective.


"C" Flossers:

As you can see by the image to the right, this flossing method has an ergonomic handle and a "C" shaped gap with a tight piece of dental floss in-between it's edges. This works great for ease of use and comfort but doesn't reach the parts of the teeth that are missed by the brush!

This is because the dental floss on the "C" flosser is too tight to wrap around the tooth and fully scrape and clean the sides of the teeth that are impossible to clean with a brush.


Dental Floss:

In the dental floss image shown to the right, we can see that the material wraps around the two sides of the teeth that were missed by the brush. This allows the dental floss to actually scrape and clean the parts of the teeth that have plaque and buildup on them.

The flexibility of the floss is what makes it effective.


Winner: Dental Floss

So even though it might take a bit longer to get done with flossing when using dental floss; it is the one strategy that consistently and cheaply removes plaque and food particles from hard to reach areas.


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