Tooth Friendly Foods

3 Foods that are Good for your Teeth!

The types of foods you eat play a vital role in the health of your teeth...

This means that if you eat foods that are "bad" for your teeth you have an increased risk of developing tooth decay. However, it also means that if your eat foods that are "good" for your teeth, you can help prevent tooth decay while you eat!


How do some foods "help" your teeth?

Now let's be clear, simply eating foods that are "good" for your teeth doesn't replace brushing and flossing. What these foods do is actually stimulate saliva release in your mouth which has it's own set of benefits. Keeping a moist mouth with a lot of saliva helps to wash away food particles that can be left behind after eating and can cause cavities. Having normal to high levels of saliva also helps your mouth be less acidic after eating, which can lower the risk of dissolving your enamel.


Celery is a great food for your teeth because it has 2 positive functions. It stimulates saliva release like we mentioned above, but it also can scrape left over food and bacteria from your teeth because of it's watery and course texture. Celery along with other fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens also contain lots of vitamins and minerals that help keep your enamel healthy.


This may sound strange but Yogurt and other dairy products stimulate saliva production in your mouth like fruits and veggies. However, Yogurt has another secret benefit, it's "good" bacteria!

The probiotic bacteria in Yogurt helps promote gut health, as well as containing calcium and proteins which are important to create healthy teeth.


Almonds are one of the best nuts you can eat for the health of your teeth. They are a great source of calcium, and proteins, which are important to the production and maintenance of healthy teeth. Almonds are also one of the lowest sugar foods. This means that by eating almonds you're maximizing the positive building blocks of healthy teeth while lowering the amount of sugar you intake!


So, when you eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins you can actually prevent tooth decay and have a delicious snack at the same time!
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