Dr. Jannette Fernandez Trent, DMD

Dr. Jannette Fernandez Trent was born in the southern tip of the Philippines in the city of Davao. She graduated from dental school in 1992 with a bachelor’s of science degree in dentistry and passed the dental board at the top of her class. Having finally achieved her lifetime dream of becoming a doctor, she practiced dentistry in the Philippines for several years caring for hundreds of patients until moving to the US.

After coming to California, Jannette worked as a volunteer at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in their dental clinic that provides specialty dental services to the severely handicapped. While in dental training here in the US, she worked as a Registered Dental Assistant at several dental centers. During her volunteer work at Rancho, Jannette met her friend and eventual husband Mark Trent who was a volunteer engineer from Rockwell International, helping various medical technology projects. Mark and Jannette married in 1993. Jannette passed the US national and state dental boards and was certified as a Dentist in the United States.

As a life long learner and with her husband’s loyal support, Jannette has continued to build her expertise through orthodontics, surgery training, emergency medicine, dental implant training and advanced cosmetics specialties.

Jannette is presently working on her fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry. She is also attending the prestigious Dawson Dental Academy for specialization in Dental Cosmetics and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) assessment and treatment.

Jannette’s “Dental Aesthetics Professionals” VISION

When you visit our dental center, you will notice Jannette Fernandez Trent has built Dental Aesthetics Professionals from the ground up with the goal of creating a dental center that not only performs dental science, but ADVANCES it. She is the driving force behind all of our policies, processes and performance. She is committed to performing the finest work in dentistry and is openly obsessed with perfection. Just ask the staff….she can be a bit demanding at times. That’s good for the patients though!

Jannette is also committed to helping as many as possible. From Jannette’s years in her native country, seeing so many who can only dream of someday getting dental care simply because of extreme poverty, this left a permanent impression on her. With that impression constantly in her mind, Jannette has committed herself to building the best dental care model possible and providing that care to as many as possible. Even to those with limited to no financial means.

Dr. Trent’s Educational & Research Efforts

In 2011, Jannette Fernandez Trent was elected to the board of directors at “The Pacifica Consortium,” a collective of doctors, scientists and engineers that perform analysis, research and development in various medical fields. She is tasked as the senior medical research focal for medical systems and tools. The Pacifica Consortium has established a dental research laboratory at our facility.

As one of those few where their hobby and work are one in the same, Dr. Trent is continuously researching the latest technologies and techniques in the dental field. As she puts it; “she just can’t seem to leave school behind.” Okay…so she’s a little bit of a nerd! Again, this is a “good thing” for us patients! Both Jannette and her husband Mark live with the philosophy of life long learning. They spend most of their free time at seminars or on the university campus.


You may notice, Jannette and Mark are also dedicated animal and wildlife protection advocates. Both are active members of the Humane Society of the US, ASPCA, Anti-Vivisection Society and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Both Jannette and Mark are strong advocates in the discontinuation of using animals in any form of medical research. It is simply inhumane and no longer required with today’s technology.

Lastly, both Jannette, Mark and Dental Aesthetics Professionals dedicate time and extensive financial support to help their favorite charity; “The Bunny Bunch – SPCR,” an exotic animal rescue in Orange County. Jannette loves all animals and has a special fancy for bunny rabbits. She has been the mommy of 27 “buns” to date. Yes, you read it right,…twenty seven, along with two dogs and one obnoxious Cockatiel.