The latest and most sophisticated solution today for dental restoration is dental implants. Implants are essentially metal posts implanted into the jaw of the mouth with a custom made ceramic dental tooth mounted on the top slightly below the gum line. This process provides a perfect match permanent replacement for missing teeth.

It has the advantage of replacing damaged or diseased tooth roots without the use of bridges, partials or dentures. Once properly implanted, it will last for life without the effects of age on less optimum solutions such as dentures or partials.

Dental Aesthetics Professionals can provide a complete dental implant solution for virtually any age group. Feel free to ask the doctor for a complete explanation of the implant process and whether it is right for you. We presently use the Nobel-Biocare Implant solution system as well as several other implant vendors.

To understand the many aspects of the implant process, you can read a complete detailed educational article on the subject under our educational blog page.