Today, orthodontics are much more than just a cosmetic process. Many used to believe it was only for children or those obsessed with looks……WRONG!

Both the American Dental Association and various state managed dental associations are now leaning towards orthodontics for more than just children, Research is showing that orthodontic correction is an ideal process to help maintain long term dental health for all ages as well as reduce long term abnormal condition development. This is simply because the more perfect your bite (or dental occusion, as we dentists call it), the less chance of poor oral health developing. Conditions such as tooth grinding, damage from long term repetitive impact and development of other conditions such as TMJ or periodontal disease from gum/tooth gaps can be reduced or, even eliminated. Insurance companies are also understanding this and in some cases, actually increasing their coverage to encourage patients to correct their teeth. This actually saves them money in the long run by reducing costly restoration or cosmetic procedures later in life.

We offer several types of orthodontic correction. From invisible braces, to more state of the art tension wire and plastic bands, we can help provide virtually all of your orthodontic needs from preparation to completion. We also work with several highly skilled specialists right in our own medical plaza we trust to help with extreme corrective needs cases. From children’s braces to adult smile building, we can perfect your smile.

We also offer various dental financing options to help you afford the process with the least financial impact. Call us for a free complete evaluation.