Just the word alone makes many a people’s blood pressure climb. It is one of the most common human traits and quite possibly the MOST ANNOYING! Husbands and wives have shard many an argument over it. To deal with it, we need to understand what causes it.

Dental Aesthetics Professionals offers the highly effective dental prosthetic device known as “Pure Sleep.” Pure sleep is a simple plastic custom moldable device that allows a secure fit to the teeth during sleeping. The device helps with some forms of snoring by comfortably repositioning the jaw forward so that a clear airway is maintained to prevent the snoring effect. Although it is not the solution for all, it is one of the more cost effective and first option solutions. Ask the dentist to see if this low cost device is an option for you.

Sleep Apnea…

Sleep apnea affects thousands of people and can have many detrimental side effects to overall health. Some people don/t even realize they suffer from the condition. Basically, sleep apnea is the result of a minor airway abnormality that restricts or can even completely close off the airway when in the sleep condition.

As your entire body relaxes, the condition will manifest itself. It can cause interrupted sleep (in the minor effects) and limitation of oxygen to the brain (in the mores severe effects). Fortunately, if you feel you may possibly be subjected to this condition, between your doctor and dentist, you can now have your condition evaluated for a prosthetic device solution.

Ask your dentist about this condition and its diagnosis. There are several dental types of apnea devices that may be able to help.