Sports Guards

The Sports Guard dental protective appliance is essentially a pre-formed or custom formed shock reducing plastic shield that fits in the mouth around both the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed.

It’s purpose is simply to isolate and protect the teeth from impacts to the head or jaw during sports activities. Although a simple over the counter device will provide decent protection, the most ideal option is a custom fitted device that will allow a snug and comfortable fit to maximize teeth and jaw protection.

We provide a complete series of options for the sports guard protective device. From more conventional over the counter options, to custom fit protective devices, we can build a dental protective device with a perfect fit.

Night Guards

Night Guards are designed to help prevent teeth grinding during sleep. Many of us unknowingly grind or clinch our teeth together during even normal sleep. This is a simple psychological condition that dramatically damage our teeth as well as the jaw muscles and gums. Over time this condition can severely damage tooth structure, the enamel and even induce jaw pain due to joint deterioration and muscle strain. In the worst case conditions, nerve damage has even been detected. To mitigate the effects from this sometimes hard to treat condition, dental night guards are used. Again these guards are very similar to the sports guard except in purpose and size. The night guard is specifically shaped to fit tightly around the teeth such that during the teeth clinching or grinding events, the teeth only grind against the night guard surface, thereby protecting both the upper and lower teeth. In some cases, the night guard can assist in reducing teeth clinching and help prevent morning headaches or jaw/neck pain.

As with the sports guard, we can easily design you a custom fit night guard to protect your teeth and jaw. These devices can usually be made in one to two weeks and last for many years with proper use.