Most people take cleanliness for granted.…we don’t!

We maintain all our operatories, supply storage, laboratory and even our lobby at the highest cleanliness levels possible.

Our center may have a slight “sterile” scent but remember, that’s a GOOD thing! You’d be surprised just how many chemical wipes and medical gloves we use each month. All for your protection….it’s a little more than required but, it’s the right thing to do.

At the heart of all dental office cleanliness is the sterilizing center. Our center uses high temperature distilled water and chemicals to kill all bacteria and viruses. We maintain all our dental instruments in protective sterilized bags that have progressed through a scrubbing protocol, then into a thirty minute chemical ultrasonic bath, then onto a sterile rinse, and finally into a high temperature/pressure cycle in our medical grade sterilizer.

No dental instruments ever enter a clients mouth unless they have FIRST been ultrasonically cleaned, rinsed, bagged, sterilized and separately stored. The sterile blue bags are not opened until their use in the operatory. Every dental office should operate this way.