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I LOVE THIS DENTAL OFFICE!!! I refer everyone here. Very honest billing. I had to go through 3 dentists to get to her because they were overcharging me even though I have insurance. Very clean office, punctual appointments, and friendly staff.

Roger D.
West Hollywood, CA

Dr. Trent is best dentist I’ve ever had. My wife and I have been going to her for more than 3 years. What I appreciate about her the most is how she strives to continuously keep up with the latest techniques and technologies in her profession. She gives great care for each patient.

I feel I should address the issue some have had in the past regarding the wait time. For whatever reason, patients were getting double or in triple booked. But now, it has drastically improved since a year ago. There were some personnel changes that were made from my understanding. And the most I’ve waited recently is 30 min – which is typical for a medical office. The more recent 5 star reviews should attest to this improvement. Those who gave one star reviews probably haven’t been recently.

Anthony L.
Long Beach, CA

My dental HMO insurance assigned me to Dr Trent and i had my first appointment on Jan 24th. The office staff was really nice and the dentist Dr. Trent was very professional. During my exam the dentist explained the treatment i needed but also made some suggestions on simple treatment to improve my smile, I’m already seeing a difference and I’m only on my 5th day of my teeth bleaching treatment.

Lasha J.
Long Beach, CA

This is a wonderful office ran by caring people. I send all my family here and even the ones who live out of town drive in specifically to see Dr. Trent.

They saved my brother in law thousands of dollars and are honest about only doing the work you need.

Greg T.
Mission Viejo, CA

Dr Jannette Trent DMD our family dentist for years we highly recommended to all my family and friends for her professionalism’s services and welcoming great staff customer service. Keep up the good awesome highly recommend

Sonny R.
San Francisco, CA

Dr Trent did a very good job at making me feel comfortable. She was very friendly and was very thorough at explaining the treatment to me.

I also want to say that the front desk just makes you feel very welcomed. I am so glad I found this place.

Arturo M.
Los Angeles, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience when I was there nearly 5 months ago. The front desk staff had excellent customer service skills and the Doctor was very professional. I would definitely feel comfortable going there again

Manny E.
Lynwood, CA

Dr. Trent and her staff are AWESOME!!! They are always so friendly and nice. Lupe is so sweet. She’s willing to go above and beyond to answer all my questions. Diana (assistant) always has a smile and makes me feel at home when I visit. Dr. Trent I love! Best dentist that I have ever been to. There might be a wait some times but it is definitely worth it…

Alanda U.
Los Angeles, CA

The best experience I’ve had a dentist yet! The staff, Lupe answered all of my questions and was very sweet ?

The dentist Dr Trent is super nice and very personable. Made me feel right at home. Best of all no pain mind you I use to be terrified of the dentist..the wait was little long but totally worth it.

I would definitely recommend this location to anybody.

Mirna F.
Bell Gardens, CA

Doesn’t look like much from the outside but this place is a hidden gem in Orange County. Wish they were open more than twice a week but the staff was overtly friendly – probably the best I’ve ever had, in fact. Cleaning only took 20 minutes and she definitely knows what she’s doing. The office has a very laidback atmosphere and there’s hdtv’s in every room in case you’re stuck waiting. Keep up the good work; Will be back again, thanks.

Chris C.
Anaheim, CA

The best experience I’ve had a dentist yet! The staff, Lupe in particular, took real good care of me. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and was very sweet ?

The dentist is super nice and very personable. Made me feel right at home. I would definitely recommend this location to anybody.

Denise A.
Garden Grove, CA

After getting my dental insurance, I wasn’t too sure where to go to the dentist. Well I researched, and looked up local dentists in my area, and stumbled upon here. I’ve been going here since last year, and I always have a good experience. Dr. Trent, and her staff, are always helpful and friendly.

Anna P.
Corona, CA

Now I’ll start by stating a very embarrassing fact that I only admit since none of you reading this will know who I am…Fact: I have not been to the dentist in about 10 years. I’m a 27 year old woman and the last time I went was when my mother made me. And no, this was not because I didn’t have insurance or I couldn’t afford it. It was simply because it scares the hell out of me…I am not above admitting that.

I usually skip from dentist to dentist with no more than one visit in the hopes that I’ll find the right one. For a very long time I did not. Sooooo…I did my absolute best to procrastinate, reschedule and all together simple avoid every appointment I scrounged up the courage to make.

Finally, I am making a second appointment to get some actual work done. YAY…about damn time (trust me…I know).

I’ll simply say that the receptionist is wonderful -full of fun personality and very down to earth. The dental hygienist of very nice, respectful and make you feel very comfortable. And the dentist…well, she seems great. Nice, explains her actions and not at all stuck up and preachy like I’ve encountered with others.

Now, I know I am strictly speaking on comfortbility here and not how good my work turned out. But this was my first visit and I think that is an extremely important part of the service. I’ll keep you updated on the service and let you know if the work is as good as the attitudes. To be continued…

Update: People are still nice, my deep cleaning wasn’t as scary as I thought but I thought she went a little faster than my $100 co-pay was worth. But…I’m sticking with them and switching my daughter to their office. Trust me, if you’re a mom, that says a lot!

R. R.
Fullerton, CA